Musings, Nits, and Praises: Day 6: Slight Change of Plans, Baxter Outwits His Collar

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Day 6: Slight Change of Plans, Baxter Outwits His Collar

When we arrived in Glenwood Springs and took a closer look at our hotel reservation, we discovered our hotel was actually in Carbondale. Following Janet's brush with rage, we found that Carbondale was only ten miles down the road. And, as it turned out, Carbondale proved the more tranquil place in which to stay. After checking in, we took another scenic drive. This one wound along the Roaring Forks River and offered the sights one would expect to see in Colorado--evergreens, river rapids, snow-topped mountains.

When we returned to the hotel, we changed into our swimwear and headed to Glenwood to take a dip in the Hot Springs Pool. Centuries ago, the Indians believed the warm water held medicinal powers. Well, it sure the heck better for the $14.75/person we paid! That doesn't include the $6 they charge for four rides on the water slides. The slides weren't open, though. While the pool didn't merit the entry fee, the water was quite relaxing, particularly the warmer "therapy pool," and we left feeling rather refreshed.

Our serenity was short-lived, though. When we returned the hotel, we had a message from the front desk indicating that a guest had complained of Baxter making noise, saying he sounded as if he were in distress. We learned that Baxter had apparently figured out how to semi-howl, still making plenty of noise, but not setting off his collar. Worse yet, the manager told us that no pets were allowed unattended in the rooms. Well, fantastic. Our day's worth of activities for our anniversary tomorrow--hiking, Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, and dinner--was shot. We contacted a woman who runs a dog-care business, but she couldn't take Baxter because we didn't have his shot records with us. I suggested to Janet that we ask her parents to watch Baxter tomorrow since we are only two hours from Denver. (A good plan, if I say so myself.) Janet's mom was kind enough to agree to meet us halfway in the morning to pick up Baxter.

Disaster averted.

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