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An Addendum to My Previous Post

As an addendum to my original post, I'd like to briefly explain what compels me to take the leap of faith. As I made quite clear, I'm certain no amount of "Christian evidences" is going to prove the validity of my faith, but there are a number of things in various fields of study that make me feel my beliefs are not those of a crazy person. But pushing me more than what I can infer from empirical data is the power, the "rightness" that can't really be defined, that I see in even the smallest acts compassion, justice, sacrifice, and love, and which was manifested fully in the person of Christ.

Am I certain? No. But I'm compelled enough to seek and to follow.

I'll close by sharing a post I came across on Into the Wardrobe, a site dedicated to all things C.S. Lewis. Adam, a regular poster on the discussion boards, wrote this beautiful expression of what moves him to seek God:

On defining God:

He is the one who's voice you hear in nature and history. If life is an idiotic noise, then we are pursuing nothing. If life is a tune and a lyric, then we are seeking the player, the singer.

These sounds are unaccounted for. They most certainly exist. You are not their source. Seeking their source, hypothesizing its nature and character, is decidedly different from whimsically postulating a fictional creature.

You may argue that God's definition retreats as human understanding advances, His nature and character retaining only what is left of the unexplainable. But Theism was a relatively late development in human thought. The Philosophers knew that human understanding could never gain any ground against purpose; the Fathers knew the same about love.

But our contemporaries have deftly won the war by declaring that their own tiny patch of conquered territory is the only land in Europe; they are the kings of everything that their eyes, closed tightly, survey. The unexplainable is no threat to human understanding, because by definition anything that humans cannot understand must not exist. Purpose and love are whimsies, figments.

But I hear the music. I'll seek its source. And if it's merely idiotic noise, I'd still rather dance than just sit there.

53 Responses to “An Addendum to My Previous Post”

  1. # Blogger Steve

    These were two marvelous posts Jason. I'll admit that I've always had a difficult time with that Hebrews passage. I now know that my problems have devolved from the enlightenment hyperrationalism to which I was attracted by when and where I was raised and coupled with my own personal nature. I'm a science nerd raised during the space race of the fifties and sixties. I've a friend, a new age kind of guy who has believed all kinds of (to me) wild and crazy things but yet being very smart and gifted with great computer and other technical skills. He occasionally drops thoughtful, profound comments that affect me deeply. One helpful thing he said to me, oh, probably 25 years ago is that the important question is not whether God exists, but, rather what are God's characteristics? Todays rationalist atheists disbelieve in a certain kind of God and they think that is the only one under discussion and they can't get it out of their heads.

    Yes, that's a good one about the Layman's Apologetics Hall of Fame.  

  2. # Blogger Jason

    Thanks for your thoughts, Steve. Your friend's reworking of the "does God exist" question is a poignant one.

    I wonder if perhaps part of the reason God seems so elusive at times is not merely just a matter of our limited minds trying to ascertain the divine, but also His means of compelling man to seek Him.  

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