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End of the Spear

We went to see End of the Spear this evening. Here's a brief synopsis of the movie from

"End of the Spear is the story of Mincayani, a Waodani tribesman from the jungles of Ecuador. When five young missionaries, among them Jim Elliot and Nate Saint, are speared to death by the Waodani in 1956, a series of events unfold to change the lives of not only the slain missionaries' families, but also Mincayani and his people."

Since I need to go to bed soon in order to be alert enough in the morning to teach class, I won't delve into a lengthy review of the movie. In short, it's one of the most poignant Christian motion pictures ever, and it's a moving testimony to self-sacrifice, forgiveness, and the power of the gospel (especially moving since it's based on a true story). The movie doesn't have a "preachy" tone; the story speaks for itself in many cases.

Check out

or look for the documentary "Beyond the Gates" that centers on Nate's son Steve returning to live with the tribe in 1995 (also covered in End of the Spear).

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