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Day 7: A Busy Anniversary

After we dropped Baxter with Carla this morning, we had a quick breakfast, then returned to the Glenwood area to hike to Hanging Lake. The signs at the trailhead urge hikers to stock up on water, but we didn't think it was necessary since the hike to the lake is just over a mile. Well, by the time we reached the lake, climbing some very steep terrain for the last 1/4 mile, we certainly could've used some water. The lake was well worth the arduous hike, though. Hanging Lake is a turquoise lake fed by waterfalls. The lake is a bit too cold for swimming, but the water was good for a few splashes on our faces. We hung out at the lake for about thirty minutes, then we trekked back down the mountain and headed to our next stop, Glenwood Adventure Park.

The park is atop a mountain, and the only way to reach it is by the suspended cable tram. Now, heights don't bother me in many cases--rollercoasters, planes, mountain tops, even paragliding--but the thought of the car breaking from the cable, sending us plummeting to our demise, was a bit unnerving. With us safe and my shorts dry, we reached the park after what seemed like an hour-long ride. There are really only three rides at the park: the Alpine Coaster, a two-man bobsled of sorts; the Alpine Rush, a two-man zip line; and the Swing Shot, a swing that flies out over the edge of the mountain. We decided the Swing Shot wasn't for us, so we rode the AC twice and the AR once. If the Alpine Rush actually gives a rider a rush, it's because the rider has never ridden anything more exciting than a see-saw. We had a blast on the coaster, though.

Following our time at the park, we cleaned up and went to dinner at Russet's, a lovely restaurant in downtown Carbondale. We made it our mission to make up for not eating lunch. Mission accomplished. (We had Belgian fries, chicken gumbo, pork tenderloin with potatoes and green beans, and key lime pie.) I don't think we'll need to eat until dinner tomorrow. Our dinner was a nice culmination to our anniversary festivities and the road trip.

I'm a bit sad to end our road trip (I've traveled twice through the Southwest, and there's still plenty I'd like to see), but after seven days and countless miles, our three weeks at Janet's parents' place will provide some much-needed rest.

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