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A Surprising Bit of News for BNL Fans

3 Responses to “A Surprising Bit of News for BNL Fans”

  1. # Anonymous shaun

    That is kind of weird. Did you read all of those awful BNL puns in the comments? UGH.  

  2. # Blogger Steve

    Been meaning to compliment your Coldplay post. I was at the Christian Scholars Conference a few weeks ago and an Abilene prof, Jeff Christian, talked about the theology that exists in popular music and how it should be utilized and can be affirmed for theological purposes. He mentioned that the new Coldplay release was too recent for his analysis but felt it could have helped make the point. You could do something along those lines at next year's conference. He mentioned Led Zeppelin. It amazes me how their music has endured. When their 2nd album came out with "Whole Lotta Love" on it, I distinctly remember a reviewer saying he could not imagine how that kind of music would stay around for long. Its been almost 40 years. I wonder what of today's music will be like that?  

  3. # Blogger Jason


    Yeah, the puns are bad. I read in a follow up article that his court date is set for August 26th. Playing armchair lawyer, I'd say he should try to reach a plea bargain.


    Coldplay certainly does have some theological undertones. What did he mention about Zeppelin?That's an interesting question about what music from now will endure for decades. I don't know that I can predict what music will endure, but I feel rather confident in saying that the bulk of what dominates Billboard's Hot 100 won't.  

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