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My Eyes!

My vision is slowly returning after watching one of the worst basketball games I can recall--UCLA v. Memphis. I felt sorry for the people who paid for tickets to watch it. The score, 50-45, was the lowest scoring game in a regional final since the institution of the shot clock.

UCLA has a pretty stingy defense, but Memphis' atrocious play was mostly their own doing. They had plenty of open shots; they just couldn't make any. Part of the problem stems from their glorified streetball-style offense. With that style of play, finding a rhythm on offense in a methodical, halfcourt game is next to impossible.

Despite going 2-17 from three-point range and shooting 31% overall in the game, Memphis managed to keep the game close because UCLA stunk up the joint as well--20-39 from FT, 35% FG.

Of course, UCLA and their fans won't care because a win is a win is a win. For the rest of us, look out for the LSU/UCLA matchup next week; the final score may be 6-4.

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