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Rasputin Finally Dies!

Thanks to George Mason for fulfilling my "anybody but UConn" wish.

4 Responses to “Rasputin Finally Dies!”

  1. # Blogger PiperMatt

    I'm officially pulling for George Mason now. I generally do pull for UConn just because it's in New England, but as you've said, it's tough to root for those thugs.

    And just so you know, I consciously reworded that sentence to avoid a dangling preposition just for you, but I didn't feel the need to reword THIS sentence to remove the leading conjunction. I just don't like you THAT much.  

  2. # Blogger Jason

    I don't edit the comments of other posters. Feel free to dangle a participle whenever it strikes your fancy.

    At this point, it's hard not to pull for George Mason. They've demonstrated what focus, confidence, and execution can do for a team. (I wish the Terps would've learned that this year.)

    The Final Four is wide, wide open. Some "experts" say Florida is playing the best basketball right now. While I agree that they're playing well, I don't see how what they've done to this point is more impressive than George Mason's run. Regardless, that matchup could go either way as could the LSU/UCLA game. I expect the LSU/UCLA tussle to be a defensive grinder, which may be exciting due to a close score but not incredible play.  

  3. # Blogger PiperMatt

    Ahhh I didn't think you would edit my comments ... I just didn't want to cause your English teachin' mind even the slightest bit of discomfort. :P  

  4. # Blogger Jason

    You'd be hard pressed to write something more frustrating to me than what some of my students muster. I want to suggest to a few of them that they'd be better off trying another language or maybe just avoiding written communication altogether.  

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