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Sweatin' in Memphis

Today it reached 107 degrees with the heat index. That spells a lot of sweating when you teach in a school with air-conditionless hallways, and you fatuously elect to wear a shirt and tie to work.

As J.A. reads this, it's probably 68 in Malibu.

2 Responses to “Sweatin' in Memphis”

  1. # Blogger Brittany S.

    You came from Texas and you're complaining about heat? Haha. That makes me laugh. Not out loud or anything.. but I'm laughing in my head. This is Brittany Smith from your 2nd period English class if you haven't figured that out. I'll see you around!  

  2. # Blogger Angela

    I can comprehend what you were saying.
    Although from California, I have lived in Arkansas since 1972. my daughter and family live in Memphis and it is SMOLDERING there.
    Today has been alot cooler in Fayetteville. Thank the Lord for the Fall cool down. hope it is much better for you now. I'll be in Memhis this weekend, so I shall see. Have a goodnight!!!!  

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