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Nearest Book Tag Meme

Steve tagged me in my Radiohead post. Here's how it works:

--Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more.
--Find Page 123.
--Find the first 5 sentences.
--Post the next 3 sentences.
--Tag 5 people.

Unlike Steve, I didn't break out the tape measure--I didn't have one handy. But as far as I could tell, the closest book to where I was sitting when I read his tag was Arnold Rampersad's Ralph Ellison: A Biography.

In other words, Ralph should have been aspiring not to New Masses but to Partisan Review. Originally the organ of the John Reed Club of New York, a communist outlet, Partisan Review had resumed publication in 1937 (after a one-year lapse) as a journal explicitly opposed to Communist totalitarianism and suppression. Although still devoted to radicalism, the editors (Philip Rahv and William Phillips) wrote now about the "forms of literary editorship, at once exacting and adventurous, which characterized the magazines of aesthetic revolt."

If you're a fan of Ellison--or even if you're not--I can assure you the bulk of the book is more intriguing than this excerpt. I wrote a review of the book a while back here.

Now, I'm off to tag Janet, Chris, Kester, Catherine, and Mona.

2 Responses to “Nearest Book Tag Meme”

  1. # Blogger Steve

    So many books and so little time to read them, especially since I can't stay away from the internet. I've never read any of Ellison's work. Perhaps we could be related, some of my ancestors used Ellison rather than Allison. Probably no such luck.  

  2. # Anonymous mona

    this one is not so exciting. The nearest book to me is called "Classroom Discipline" and page 123 is a short bibliography including Dobson's 'The Strong Willed Child' and 'Adolescence Is Not an Illness' by Bruce Narramore.  

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