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The Mars Bar Mystery

Yesterday as I was watching an episode of American Eats that focused on candy bars, I thought, "What the heck ever happened to Mars bars?" When I used to get a hankering for one, a Mars Bar was my bar of choice--chocolate, nougat, and almonds. Delightful. A few years ago I noticed that Mars Bars had vanished from the racks of convenient stores everywhere. How could Mars, Inc. stop producing such a delectable treat? I'd generally only ponder the question long enough to spot a Mr. Goodbar and go on my merry way. But last night's show provoked me to do a little research. As it turns out, Mars Bars still exist--they're now Snickers Almond. Who knew? Mars, Inc. still sells Mars Bars in other countries, but they don't have almonds.

I'm off to the nearest gas station.

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    I just watched the same show and wondered the same thing!! It was my favorite candy bar and realized that it was gone. I ate the snickers with almonds and figured it was the same thing. I guess it tastes the same, it's been a really long time since I ate the actual Mars Bar.  

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